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Andrea Greenberg

Principal Designer and Founder

At the core of ADGDESIGN is Andrea Greenberg, a seasoned leader & Interior designer whose commitment to excellence propels our team to exceed expectations in every project. 

Andrea's background in Psychology lends her the ability to deeply understand her clients' preferences. When she founded ADGDESIGN, her commitment was clear: every project would be a unique reflection of her clients' individual needs and desires. 


Social media plays a significant role in Andrea's process, with the consent of her clients, of course. Through platforms like Instagram and Facebook, she shares the design journey, inviting clients and followers to participate in the art of storytelling through design.

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ADGDESIGN is a versatile design firm specializing in mid-to-high end residential and select commercial projects. With clients spanning Montreal, the Laurentians, and even Toronto, our journey since 2008 has evolved from decor to comprehensive interior design and renovation services. We collaborate with highly qualified contractors, suppliers, and experts in every field to ensure excellence in every project. When working with our team and utilizing our connections, the jobs run smoothly, guaranteeing an enhanced experience and end-result for our clients.

With a comprehensive A-Z approach, the firm offers tailored design packages that cater to diverse styles and budgets, ensuring each project is a unique reflection of the client's personality. Prioritizing client happiness, ADGDESIGN seamlessly integrates individual preferences, making every space an artful expression of the client's story and emotions.

At ADGDESIGN, we go beyond designing spaces; we curate experiences. Join us on an artistic exploration, and let us turn your vision into a living reality.

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Our Team

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